Job Description: Senior DevOps Engineer

About InOrg Global:

InOrg Global helps organizations achieve global competitiveness through seamless integration of talent, technology, and strategic capabilities.

As a Global Capability Center Partner to companies of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 500s, InOrg Global augments clients capabilities to rapidly scale their teams and meet evolving business demands.

Our Core Values:

  • Trust: We prioritize building trust in every aspect of our business, fostering relationships based on integrity and reliability.
  • Transparency: We believe transparent practices ensure accountability, build credibility, and foster a culture of trust and collaboration
  • Adaptability: We thrive in dynamic and evolving environments, embracing change with flexibility and resilience
  • Innovation: Innovation is at the heart of everything we do. We encourage creativity, curiosity, and forward thinking to drive continuous improvement and solve complex challenges

System Designation: Senior DevOps Engineer

Location: Remote / Experience: 3 - 9 Years

Key Responsibilities:

  • Lead The Design And Implementation Of Our DevSecOps Solutions, Encompassing CI/CD Pipelining
  • Ensure Rigorous Approval Processes For Deploying Into Each Environment, Including Dev, Staging, And Production.
  • Manage Cloud Resources Across AWS, Azure, And GCP, With A Focus On Azure And AWS As Primary Providers.

Required Skills And Qualifications:

  • Extensive Experience In DevSecOps Methodologies, With A Proven Track Record Of Successful Implementation.
  • Proficiency In Build, Deployment, Monitoring, And Troubleshooting Of Cloud-Based Solutions.
  • Expertise In Deploying Cloud Technologies Utilizing IaaS And PaaS Components, Particularly In AWS Or Azure Environments.
  • Demonstrated Ability To Deliver Projects On Time And With Exceptional Quality, Prioritizing Efficiency And Efficacy.
  • Hands-On Experience With High-Scale And Auto-Scale Deployment, Leveraging Tools Such As Terraform.
  • Familiarity With GitLab As A Preferred Source Code Repository And CI/CD Platform.
  • Proficiency In CI/CD Technologies Including Log Streaming & Analysis, Source Code Repositories, Artifact Repositories, Container Management And Orchestration, Code Quality Tools, And Automated Provisioning And Deployment Scripts.
  • Proficiency In Cloud Platforms Such As AWS, GCP, And/or Azure
  • Knowledge Of Scripting Languages Such As Shell, Along With Proficiency In Linux, Windows, And Networking.
  • Understanding Of Deployment Methodologies Including Blue-Green And Canary Deployments.
  • Familiarity With Agile Development Methodology, With Preference Given To Experience In The Scrum Process.

Additional Requirements:

  • Strong Communication And Interpersonal Skills, With The Ability To Effectively Collaborate With Cross-Functional Teams.
  • Proven Problem-Solving Abilities And A Strategic Mindset, Capable Of Navigating Complex Challenges With Poise And Creativity.
  • Commitment To Staying Updated On Emerging Technologies And Industry Trends, Driving Continuous Innovation And Improvement Within The Organization.